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The process

Producing > Recording > Mixing > Mastering > Distribution


Do you have a song idea but you feel like it's missing something? Is there too much going on? Is the song too empty? Are certain parts in the song clashing?

In this part of the process we attempt to balance every instrument/part in the song so that nothing takes up too much space and forms a cohesive whole. This can be done by adding supporting instrument parts, by rearranging the structure of the song, by removing instrument parts, by ... All of this happens in cooperation so that the song keeps going in the direction you want.


Once the song and its parts are finalised we can record your song.


Once the song parts are recorded, I mix your song to bring out its full glory.


When you're happy with the mix you have to get your track ready to distribute. You can provide one high quality file of you mix or provide multiple files of separate parts of the mix. For example: Vocals, Guitars and drums.

In this step I make sure the song isn't too loud or quiet and we check that the song's tone isn't too bright or dark.


By this point in the process you're ready to distribute your song to spotify, youtube music, apple music, ...